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A public administration

At B&B Computer Solutions, we know how administrative steps can be fastidious and take a lot of time. Therefore we are at your entire disposal to do these steps simply and quickly. Moreover, we ensure you a fast answer to all of your requests and we give you fixed priced to keep your budget on. Don’t wait anymore when you have a problem with your IT and lets us help you by enjoying our quality support (7D/7). Contact us if you have some questions or if you simply want to have more information.


You are an SME and you're looking for fast, efficient IT solutions that are above all adapted to your needs? We know that your IT tools are essential to the proper functioning of your business and that any slowdown is a waste of time and therefore money for you. At B&B Computer Solutions we have been able to react to this problem by striving to provide you with personalized services of impeccable quality based on 3 criteria (current needs, future needs and budget) Our goal is to help you manage your day-to-day IT to ensure maximum productivity and improve your existing systems so that they take part effectively in the development of your SME.

A school

We know that as a school you have a wide network of computers which requires a lot of attention. Some Minor bugs can become big problems when it happens at the wrong time like during conferences for example. Quite often you have to wait a lot of time because the person who’s in charge of your IT is a professor who does it after his work hours. You don’t have any overview of your IT network and therefore you don’t know if your licenses are still valid and if all your programs are up to date. Furthermore, you want to enjoy the benefits of the collaborative working solutions to share files, to change files in real time, to share calendars, etc. Some slowing on the computers that you use very often, like in your administration for example, could be seriously bad for your productivity. Your work rate with be slowed, you’ll have delays on your folders and at the end you’ll lose money. Globally we know that your business requires healthy computers which are always up to date and which runs at 100% of their performances to don’t waste your time. Trust us for to the management of your IT and to improve your collaboration! With our solutions you’ll be sure to work in the best conditions with a hardware which is always 100% operational. .


Thanks to our experience your business is particularly well known and that’s why we can answer to your needs efficiently and quickly. At B&B we know that your budget is quite often limited and negotiated In advance to don’t have any surprises. We know that you can’t exceed your budgets just because you have a problem with your servers or anything else. The data of your company are very important for its survival and its development that’s why the backup of your files in a safety and accessible place is a major point to keep your company alive. You need tools to share files, to make some modifications in real time, to chat with your colleagues or to make some videoconferences with people all around the world. Microsoft Symantec and other organizations support ONG by giving them softwares only for the administration costs. We have wanted too to support your cause by doing package and priced specially adapted to your type of organization. Working in a healthy IT environment is important for your organization what means computers up to date and someone to help you as fast as possible if you have a problem. You are an ONG and you decided to help the others so now, lets us help you! Contact us if you want to have more information or if you have any question. .