B&B Computer Solutions is specialized in sale and leasing of IT material

Sale and Leasing

Your technical needs evolve, your IT tools must also evolve!

B&B Computer Solutions is present in sale and leasing of IT material and put to your disposal a wide range of IT material. What ever you need, we can provide and we also install it for you.

Thanks to our leasing contracts, you have the opportunity to use efficient material without spending too much money and for different durations.

Your IT material is leased on periods which are adapted to their lifecycle and use. Different leasing contracts are at your disposal in order to find the best suited to your needs.

  • Easy access to new technologies to eliminate the risks of obsolescence.
  • You control the TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) of your IT Park on the long term.
  • Your IT material is always adapted to your current needs.
  • Increased productivity of your IT Park.
  • Increased own funds thanks to a better distribution of the costs on a period of time.
  • Our leasing contracts are adapted to your needs and the needs of your activity.