B&B Computer Solutions works with NGO

Thanks to our experience, we know your business well and that’s why we can answer to your needs quickly and efficiently.

At B&B we know that your budget is quite often limited, negotiated in advance and that you can’t exceed it. May you have a problem with your server or something else, we've got you covered!

The data of your company is very important for its survival and its development, that’s why the backup of your files in a safe and accessible spot is a mandatory.

You need tools to share files, to make modifications in real time, to chat with your colleagues or to have videoconferences with people all around the world.

Microsoft Symantec and other organizations support NGO's by giving them softwares only for the administration costs. We support your cause by providing a package and a price specially adapted for your type of organization.

Working in a healthy IT environment is important for your organization. It means having up to date computers and someone to help you as fast as possible in case of a problem.

You are an NGO and you decided to help others, so now, let us help you!

Contact us if you want to have more information or if you have any question.

Michael Privot , DirecteurEuropean Network Against Racism aisbl
ENAR travaille depuis une dizaine d’années avec B&B comme partenaire pour la gestion de notre infrastructure numérique et la gestion de notre parc informatique. En tant qu’ONG, travaillant toujours en flux tendu et sous pression, nous avons besoin d’un partenaire disponible et réactif, ...  En savoir plus
Jana Hainsworth, Secretary GeneralEurochild
"Eurochild has used the services of B&B Computer Solutions to support its IT needs for over 5 years. The BBCS team have proved to be a reliable and responsive partner, helping us navigate the latest IT developments to meet the needs of our growing Secretariat." Read more
Katerina Iordanopoulou, AdministratorClientEarth
"For the past 4 years, B&B Computer Solutions is our Brussels’ IT support company.Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our organization on track and through major restructure and at the same time respecting our respective contractors in Warsaw and London offices... Read more
Mary Ann Struthers, Finance/Human Resources and Information OfficerEWL
Depuis une quinzaine d’années déjà, le LEF (Lobby européen des femmes) a confié la maintenance de son parc informatique à la société B&B Computer Solutions.Nous n’avons qu’à nous louer des services de cette société et plus particulièrement des deux sympathiques frères Brousmiche, ... En savoir plus