B&B Computer Solutions offers adapted services to schools

We know that as a school you have a wide network of computers which requires a lot of attention. Some Minor bugs can become big problems when it happens at the wrong time like during conferences for example.

Quite often you have to wait a lot of time because the person who’s in charge of your IT is a professor who does it after his work hours.

You don’t have any overview of your IT network and therefore you don’t know if your licenses are still valid and if all your programs are up to date. Furthermore, you want to enjoy the benefits of the collaborative working solutions to share files, to change files in real time, to share calendars, etc.

As a school, some slowing on the computers that you use very often, like in your administration for example, could be seriously bad for your productivity. Your work rate with be slowed, you’ll have delays on your folders and at the end you’ll lose money.

Globally we know that your business requires healthy computers which are always up to date and which runs at 100% of their performances to don’t waste your time.

Trust us for to the management of your IT and to improve your collaboration! With our solutions you’ll be sure to work in the best conditions with a hardware which is always 100% operational.