IT Maintenance Contract

IT Maintenance Contract

The maintenance if frequently ignored but it’s a crucial part in every good IT infrastructure. It’s necessary to maintain and to keep up to date your IT Park in order to avoid any slowdown which could be harmful to your business.

The maintenance can be preventive, which means that we act before you become aware of the problem. We control frequently your systems to be sure that everything works, we keep your systems and your programs up to date, etc. It’s very often associated to the monitoring tool which allows to control remotely the health of your IT infrastructure.

The maintenance can be upon request too which means that you choose the moment of our help.

With the combination of these 2 types of maintenance of guarantee the stability and the smooth functioning of your systems.

B&B Computer Solutions offer you 2 types of maintenance:

  • An IT maintenance contract with different formulas in function of your company’s needs.
    • You have a support 24hours/24 and 7Days/7 for any question or problem.
    • We’re active in everything related to IT. You have a problem with your mailbox, internet, your server, your computer, a software? We always act with the same efficiency to resolve each problem.
    • We’re doing a proactive maintenance. It means that we act before something more serious happens in order to keep the stability of your systems and to avoid slowdowns of your company.
    • We keep your programs and your IT systems up to date to always have 100% of performances.
    • We are your unique point of contact to resolve everything.
    • Our offers are adapted to the needs and to the size of your company.
  • An IT maintenance contract with a package of hours: you buy a package of yours (different packages are available in function of what you need) and you use it to resolve your problems. The hours are counted in function of the time that it takes to resolve your problem. Note, however, that this formula doesn’t take into account a preventive maintenance.