Your IT datas are precious and you need to keep it safety. B&B Computer Solutions helps you to take shelter of your data by preventing any incident with a maximum security. Thanks to us you’ll be able to work in peace without worrying about the security of your data. Every solution is adapted to what you want and to the needs of your company. In order to satisfy our clients we have 2 different backup offers:

Local Backup: we allow you to save your data on a local server. We support the whole installation and its integration with your IT systems. With a server you’ll be able to store and recover your data quickly and efficiently.

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  • Security of your data: automatic backup of your data one your server to always have a copy if you have a problem.
  • Data available at every moment: you can stock or recover an information.
  • Proximity of your data: Everything is in your company on an internal server and then you don’t take care about the security of your files.


Online backup: Our online backup services will ensure you a maximum security of your data. In case of disaster, false move or theft, your data will always be safe on the Cloud and you’ll be able to have an access to it at every moment. We also need to specify that your data are encrypted on the Cloud and you’ll be the one to have an access to it. I would add that all servers are located in Belgium. Our backup solutions work to store any file and bring an additional security to your critical data.

  • Security copy of your files.
  • Your files are encrypted to secure their storage.
  • The backup servers are located in Belgium and subjected to the Belgian laws.
  • Your files are available at every moment by a simple click.
  • A team is ready to help you if you have any problem.