B&B Computer Solutions offre un audit gratuit

IT audit

B&B Computer Solutions has an experience of more than 20 years in IT and shares the benefits of it with you. An audit of your organization gives you a lot of advantages. It detects the vulnerabilities of your systems and processes and brings you personalized solutions with a full tracking of their installation. We can make an audit simply to check if everything goes well with your systems or to convince you of a future collaboration.

  • Strengths and weaknesses detection of your IT material.
  • Establishment of a plan with the upgrades/corrections we can implement in the short/long term.
  • Gaining money quickly: by showing and correcting obvious malfunctions of your current IT system.
  • Ensuring continuity with risk reduction solutions.
  • We can plan the renewal of your IT material to avoid its obsolescence with a priority order.


Audit offers

Free audit Premium audit
Global analysis of your organization's IT infrastructure. positif positif
Report of the solutions and upgrades according to your objectives on the short/long term. positif positif
Are you prepared for a server crash? Is your backup strategy nimble and rapid?
We check it for you!
positif positif
We give you technologic and security advices in order to improve your productivity. positif positif
We check the efficiency of your anti-virus and anti-malwares/spywares.   positif
We build an action plan to remove your most problematic computer issues.   positif
We check the efficiency and the security of all your IT machines and network.   positif
Appointment Depending upon availability Priority